Jessie Weems

Jessie Weems

In The Beginning

My first love with computers was AOL 2.0 at my best friend’s house. We stayed up all hours of the night talking in chat rooms on our smoking 9600 baud modem, while paying for it all by the minute. How little did I know back then…


I started messing with computers at age 15, I tinkered with my own personal computer to upgrade RAM and other parts for the next few years as a serious hobby. When I was 18 and out of high school I had a fantastic job (would you like fries with that?) making about 8 dollars an hour. I realized quickly that I needed to go back to school….and fast. I knew I loved to mess with computers and really thought that I knew a thing or two. So going to school for networking seemed like the logical choice. Man what a rude awakening that was. Here I thought that I knew everything there was about computers, to realize that I was about useless. While at school I met some of the most talented people I have ever come to know. I knew that networking was what I wanted to do, and what I loved. For the next 3 years I ate, slept and studied. And I have the certifications and weight to prove it!

After graduating from Networking School, I was offered a job as a junior instructor to teach the very classes that I was in. That was proudest job offer that I have ever received. I knew then that my time spent late night studying had paid off. I taught at the college for the next year until I left for better opportunities.

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