Network Infrastructure Design

Whether you have an existing network infrastructure or looking to design one from the ground up, DNS is here to help.  We specialize in designing small to medium sized business (SMB) networks to meet the demands of today’s ever changing work obstacles.  Like you we are also faced with the challenges of today’s business needs and strive to provide a tailored solution that fits your business model and helps you build a closer relationship with your clients.  Building a stronger relationship with them can be as simple at implementing a real time communication strategy through Microsoft Exchange or LYNC servers.  This gives your clients the power to engage in conversations and collaborate with your business that feels instant, real time and personal while all being searchable for future projects.

If your network infrastructure is already mature but lacks some key component to set it apart from the competition then we can help with that too.  Some of the biggest enhancements that we provide to clients is the ability to recover from disasters of all sizes.  We offer solutions to make your data redundant and highly available even if your main location was to fail or even be destroyed due to fire or tornadoes.

… we can bring a cohesive strategy that suits both your needs and budget to make your company a step above the competition.
In today’s highly mobile world, we are always looking for newer and better ways to stay connected with work while balancing home life.  DNS offers a variety of solutions that will empower your employees to be more productive at work and also at home.  This balance can be challenging in today fast paced work environment.  But solutions such as VPN access or Terminal Services can bridge the worlds between work and home, allowing your employees to finish projects and meet deadlines from home when they are unable to be at work.

Tying all pieces together that produce a highly integrated and fluid work flow can be a daunting and complicated task.  But with our combined expertise in both your business model and our network infrastructure design, we can bring a cohesive strategy that suits both your needs and budget to make your company a step above the competition.  Please let us know if we can be of any help bringing your current infrastructure closer to your ultimate vision.

Jessie WeemsNetwork Infrastructure Design