Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery

Running like a well-oiled machine takes a lot of work.  At DNS we provide network preventative maintenance so the burdens of keeping your computers and servers running smooth are off your shoulders.  As a small business owner, one of the first things I learned was that wearing too many hats is a dangerous thing. When I first started my business I was just like any other small business owner.   I did the technical work, answered the phones, kept up with book keeping and anything else that needed done.  At some point I ran out of places to put all the hats I was wearing and soon realized that the things I was good at got less and less of my attention.  Allowing us to do your network maintenance will give you the freedom to do what your good at and empower you to spend more time with your clients to build a more personal relationship.

Backups are probably the single most overlooked part of a network design.  They are often forgot about and are assumed to be happening with some sort of regularity.  Unfortunately the reality is not always so bright and shiny.  The reason for this is backups are pretty useless things.  Your day to day can operate and function without the first inconvenience or slowdown even if your backup is not working.  It’s often many weeks or months after a backup has stopped working that someone realizes it and starts to address the problem.

A wise man once told me that “Backups are useless, it’s the restore that counts”.
A wise man once told me that “Backups are useless, it’s the restore that counts”.  To this day I have never forgot that statement, because the truth has never been so perfectly stated.  Another thing I have learned over the years is, not all backups are created equally.  At the end of the day, having your data backed up is the most important thing, but what about the configuration?  What about offsite backups?  Do I need more than one backup?  Backup design is a complex thing when it’s done correctly.  You need to account for many different situations that may occur and design a solution that will restore the data you need for that particular type of failure.  Having an Exchange database backup is a great thing, but what if the Exchange server itself is unrecoverable?  What do I do with the database?  Where do I put it?

Other things to consider are: What is an allowable amount of time before the backups can be recovered? Can I recover just a particular file or do you need to restore the whole server?  What if my building is in a fire or tornado?    What do I do if I have a break in and the server is stolen?  What happens if there is a lightning strike or power surge that destroys the server and backups?

At Dynamic Networks we strive to answer all the questions and design a backup solution that will restore the configuration and data when you need it.  Having the data backup with no configuration is like peanut butter without the jelly.  It’s doable, but life would be better with them both!  So don’t leave your backups to chance, call us today and we can design a strategy uniquely designed for your business.

Jessie WeemsOffsite Backup & Disaster Recovery