About Us

Why choose Dynamic Networks instead of our competitors?

  • We are very aggressive on customer satisfaction. I don’t think there are too many companies that treat someone else’s business as if it was my own business. I try to engage myself in the customer’s day to day business to understand how and why they do business the way they do and try to adapt our support to meet their needs. An example of this is extended hours of operation for CPA’s during Tax season. Understanding Tax deadlines and not scheduling work if possible close to those deadlines.
  • One size does not fit all, so we design a solution tailor made to your needs. Some networks need higher end products and others can do with more cost effective products. We can provide the same or very similar solutions with price points that fit the budget. An example of this would be a bigger company with a higher budget may need a SAN and we would recommend a Dell MD3200i (around 13,000) to fit the need of the project. A smaller company may also need a SAN but has a much smaller budget. We can build a Windows 2012R2 solution for around 6,000 that is as robust and reliable as a SAN solution to fit the need of the project. While the customer built solution will not be as scalable as the MD3200i it will offer near similar abilities and reliability at half the cost.
  • Our solutions go beyond implementation and into training. There is no good to be gained by having a lot of technology and not knowing how to use it or what it can do for you.
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